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Grassland Birds at Risk

Across North America, birds that depend on grasslands are in steeper decline than most other groups of birds. The reason is simple: ongoing degradation and loss of grassland habitats. Losses aren’t just happening to our native prairie habitats. They are also occurring widely in man-made agricultural grasslands like pastures and hayfields, especially in eastern North America.

Birds Canada staff have been working on a variety of research and monitoring projects, and helping provincial, national, and international government and non-government agencies create conservation strategies. Conservation of grassland birds depends almost entirely on stewardship from private landowners, especially farmers, on breeding and wintering grounds.

Dedicated studies, such as Long-billed Curlew satellite tracking in British Columbia, are also helping us understand migratory connectivity of grassland birds.

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Chestnut-collard Longspur Photo: Dan Arndt

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