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Canadian Lakes Loon Survey

Common Loons Photo: Missy Mandel

Families, lake property owners, and those who enjoy fishing or boating can all help monitor and steward the health of their favourite lake. By participating in the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey they will take their recreational activities to another level – active participation in science towards conservation.

If you regularly visit a Canadian lake, you too can be a Citizen Scientist. Canadian Lakes Loon Survey participants have worked since 1981 to track Common Loon breeding by monitoring chick hatch and survival. Participants dedicate at least three days, visiting their lake once in June (to see if loon pairs are on territory), once in July (to see if chicks hatch), and once in August (to see if chicks survive long enough to fledge).

Participants often work as stewards within their lake communities, advocating for better boating, fishing, or shoreline practices, protecting and supporting not only loons but the many other aquatic species that share our waterways.

For more information, contact:

Kathy Jones, M. Sc. F.
Volunteer Manager & Biologist, Canadian Lakes Loon Survey

Laura Puch, M. Sc.
Biologiste, QuébecOiseaux