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You can help - landowners, managers, and educators

Photo: Graham Sorenson

Aerial insectivores share our backyards and communities and you can help care for them.

If you are interested in conserving aerial insectivores and their habitat, please use the following guidance and best practice resources, and contact us for more information.


Be recognized for your swift or swallow-friendly initiatives and help further raise awareness by displaying a sign on your property – apply for signage here!

Bird-friendly landowner signs for swifts and swallows:


Apply for swift- and swallow-friendly signage

We are happy to help support and encourage landowners in the stewardship of aerial insectivores on their property in Ontario and the Maritimes¹. If you provide and take care of habitat for swifts and/or swallows, please complete the below form to apply for signage (see examples above) recognizing your stewardship actions. Displaying one of these signs is a commitment to maintaining habitat for these species. 

1. Please note that Swallow Friendly Property Signs for the Maritimes are currently unavailable. If you apply for signage and are located in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island, you will be added to a waitlist, and you will be contacted once signs become available. Thank you for your patience!