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You can help - volunteer for aerial insectivores

Photo: Ron D’Entremont


Assessing how conservation actions are benefitting a species is not possible without monitoring data.

An important step in conserving aerial insectivores is having both long-term and up-to-date data on where birds are (distribution), how many there are (abundance), when they are there, and breeding data of individual species. You can participate in Citizen Science that contributes to aerial insectivore conservation and monitoring.


  • SwiftWatch – Monitor local roost and nest sites of Chimney Swifts each year to help us track the health of local populations and their habitats.
  • Swift and Swallow casual reporting – Submit data on aerial insectivores you see: where, when, and how many (location, timing, and abundance data).
  • Atlantic Canada Bank Swallow Monitoring – Help us fill a data gap on Bank Swallow locations in the region.
  • Canadian Nightjar Survey – Spend a summer evening listening for the “peent” of nightjars in your region, anywhere in Canada.
  • eBird Canada – Contribute bird sightings anytime, anywhere.
  • Project NestWatch – Monitor bird nests to help researchers understand timing, nest habitat, breeding success, and more.
  • Breeding Bird Atlases – Collect data on breeding birds during active Breeding Bird Atlases in your province.

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