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By Yousif Attia, Canadian CBC Coordinator, Birds Canada


The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a winter tradition for thousands of Canadians. This upcoming season marks the 122nd year for the CBC in Canada. If you’re interested in birds and their conservation, I encourage you to participate – whether you’re a novice birder or a seasoned expert.


Getting involved is easy!


  1. Find a count near you and click on the circle of your choice to find the contact info for the compiler.
  2. Contact your compiler to find out how you can participate.
  3. Count birds on your circle’s count day, which will fall between December 14 and January 5. You even have the option of counting birds from the comfort of your home!


Visit our CBC webpage to learn more. You’re also welcome to contact us at cbc @ if you have questions or don’t have a count in your area.

Reminder: Please keep safety your number one priority should you choose to participate in our Citizen Science programs, and always follow your local health authority safety guidelines.

Hooded Merganser Photo: Helen Gillespie
White-throated Sparrow Photo: Spencer Haakman
Winter Wren Photo: Yi Jiang

Thank you for making the CBC possible

Thank you to all the participants, compilers, and regional editors who dedicate their time and effort towards conservation in this way. Data collected during CBCs become available to bird population scientists, environmental planners, and the general public. If not for the contributions of all the volunteer Citizen Scientists over the past century, we might not have been able to shine a spotlight on the recent population declines and the potential consequences for ecosystems. That is why it is so important that the CBC tradition lives on, that compilers continue to submit their results, and that we continue to monitor birds in the same way.

Pine Grosbeaks Photo: Colin Gerber
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