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By Ellen Jakubowski, Communications Specialist, Birds Canada

The Winter 2020 issue of BirdWatch Canada (no. 90) underscores our resolve to tackle the challenges that bird populations face today, and highlights examples of how your support is helping birds right now. If you are a BirdWatch subscriber, you should have received your copy, or will get it soon!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can still enjoy our feature article about the State of Canada’s Birds, 2019 report and how your Citizen Science results illuminate how our bird populations are faring.

Also in this issue is a fascinating dive into Ferruginous Hawk research by guest contributor Dr. Janet Ng, a story about Nocturnal Owl Survey participants in Ontario, updates for Birds Canada members, and more.

We hope this issue leaves you feeling informed and inspired to help birds in 2020, however you choose to pursue that goal. Thank you for working with us to maximize our conservation impact!

Not subscribed yet? Want to get in the loop?

You can subscribe to BirdWatch Canada today by making a donation of $50 or more to Birds Canada. You’ll be providing valuable support for our work AND you’ll receive quarterly issues filled with bird research and conservation updates – plus species facts and tips from our experts to deepen your bird knowledge. When you subscribe, you’ll also become a Birds Canada member and will have the opportunity to sign up for our Citizen Science programs like the Loon Survey and Project FeederWatch.

Thank you for subscribing and helping birds today!

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