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Thanks for visiting our online courses

(Updated: March 2022)


Our four test courses have been well-received. Thanks for joining, testing and sharing our online learning concept. We learned so much from this beta testing stage, it’s now time to bring you something better.

Our improved course experience, called OpenBirds, is being developed. Our goal is to help connect you to birds and enrich your experience with nature.

While we finish OpenBirds, please enjoy the free courses below with lesson descriptions and the links to the videos.

Your feedback is precious.

Your feedback helps us improve your experience. Did you love the course? Let us know. Do you want new topics? Let us know. Can we improve your experience? Let us know.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Send me an email, Andrés to ajimenez AT – have fun and love birds!

A small yellow bird sings with a puffed chest and a white open beak

Birds at the Library

Are you ready to go birding? Here you’ll learn more about binoculars including how to select the right pair and how to maintain them.

A small yellow bird sings with a puffed chest and a white open beak

Birding by Ear for All

This course is specially tailored for people with a visual impairment such as sight loss and low vision but all are welcome! You can go birding with ears open to an amazing world by discovering the freedom of birding by ear.

Making Birds Feel at Home: A Beginner's Guide

Learn some easy to implement methods to create a bird-friendly oasis in your yard or garden.

Bird Sketching Tutorials

Drawing birds is a really fun way to become a better observer and to notice more details.

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