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The Birds Canada team has been fortunate to welcome some amazing new talent over the past few months! It’s our pleasure to introduce you to some of the staff who are doing important work for Canada’s birds with your support.

Yousif Attia, Christmas Bird Count Coordinator

“Some of my fondest birding memories come from early days spent Christmas Bird Counting around my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. Those early Christmas Bird Count (CBC) experiences continued later as I moved around British Columbia and Ontario. In fact, the CBC is such an infectious tradition, that it’s part of the reason I got into birds in the first place. Sure, CBCs are fun, but they are also a valuable tool. Counts conducted by Citizen Scientists contribute to a 120-year-old data set, and results are used to monitor trends in population sizes of birds, which can indicate overall environmental health. The perennial devotion of thousands of CBC volunteers, who brave often unforgiving conditions, is truly inspirational, and is the reason I’m certain that birds and the natural world are important to Canadians.”

Natasha Barlow, Boreal Conservation Project Specialist

“When people ask me why I like watching birds, I often say that it’s like Pokémon in real life – a scavenger hunt for beautiful living creatures (we just don’t keep them in Poké Balls). The nature of my discipline has made me very aware of the interesting challenges that come with balancing human needs with natural resource protection. By studying birds, and protecting them now and for the future, we have a great way to ensure the protection of other species, including ourselves. Birds can allow us to rectify the disconnect between scientists and the general public. As people from all walks of life can connect over birdwatching, birds can provide an avenue where we can have those difficult conversations about conservation that need to be had.”

Kate Dalgleish, Director, Membership and Annual Giving

“While I’ve worked in fundraising, supporting various organizations and causes for several years, I’ve always had the greatest passion for birds, wildlife, and the environment. I was raised to have a deep respect and love for the natural world. I’m an avid camper, hiker, paddler and general lover of the outdoors. My fondest memories are bird outings with my parents and grandparents. I’m thrilled to contribute to the invaluable work done by Birds Canada in conserving wild birds of Canada so that future generations can experience the joy of birding.”

Sean Lindsay, Vice-President, Finance and Administration and CFO

“Throughout my career, I have always been passionate about providing timely information and high quality services to aid clients’ decision making. Prior to joining Birds Canada, I worked as a finance professional in both the private and public sectors. Birds Canada is a fantastic place to work and I enjoy managing the organization’s finances. I find the research and conservation efforts of Birds Canada fascinating. My family and I enjoy our Citizen Science activities including Project FeederWatch, CBC4Kids, and the Great Backyard Bird Count. It feels good knowing our involvement allows us to make a positive impact on our world.”

Josh Sayers, Motus Program Coordinator – Ontario Region

“My role focuses on supporting the growth of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System and assisting with aspects of our bird observatory operations. I’m responsible for Motus collaborator outreach and communications and maintaining Motus infrastructure in Ontario and beyond. My past research and conservation experience includes bird banding at various observatories, including Long Point Bird Observatory, and studying mammals such as grizzly bears. I am a co-founder and coordinator of the Ontario Badger Project, which has sought to better understand and conserve Ontario’s endangered badger population.”

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