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Even in the dead of winter, we are greeted by birds – vibrant, vital reminders that the Earth is alive. We are facing a biodiversity crisis, but we still have the chance to save species that are depending on the decisions we make today. That’s why we’re asking you to work with us for the future of birds by becoming a member of Birds Canada.

Birds Canada members bring our mission of conserving wild birds to life. Birds Canada is a non-profit, charitable organization built on the enthusiastic contributions of caring bird lovers like you. Our volunteers and supporters make it possible for us to identify bird population changes and help direct conservation actions. Your support will help birds from coast to coast – from shorelines to grasslands; from rural landscapes to urban streetscapes. Joining or renewing your membership early in the year helps us plan and set priorities to fund projects that turn critical research into conservation results.

Your active membership ensures you’ll be invited to participate in valuable Citizen Science activities like Project FeederWatch. With a gift of $50 or more, you will also receive our members’ magazine, BirdWatch Canada. This quarterly print and digital publication will show how your support is making a difference, and lead you to new bird knowledge and experiences.

Please join Birds Canada or renew your membership today.

You can join or renew online here. Or, you can contact Kris at kris AT or call 1-888-448-2473 ext. 121.

Thank you for being part of Birds Canada, and for all you do for birds.

Two Dark-eyed Juncos on a top of a coniferous tree.
Dark-eyed Juncos Photo: Shirley Rushforth Guinn

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