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As the 2020-2021 Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and CBC4Kids season approaches, our team at Birds Canada is keeping your health and safety top of mind. Whether or not conditions permit you to participate this year, we’re grateful for your enthusiasm and generosity. We know how much you enjoy counting the birds and how much you care about contributing to bird population monitoring and conservation. We hope you find ways to enjoy the birds this winter, and look forward to seeing you again in person when it’s safe to do so!

Black-capped Chickadee Photo: Julie Clement

Christmas Bird Count

We have reached out to Christmas Bird Count compilers, encouraging them to thoughtfully consider whether events can be held safely in their region, according to local public health guidelines in place at the time of the event. Some regularly occurring CBCs may be cancelled.

If a CBC is able to safely go ahead in your area, we ask that participants comply with all local public health guidelines and practise physical distancing. Birds Canada has advised against organizing gatherings (dinners, wrap-ups, celebrations) that would normally happen at the end of the day’s counting – virtual events in the same spirit may be planned instead.

If you are interested in participating in a Christmas Bird Count this year, please connect with your local compiler after November 15. We have suggested that compilers wait until November 15, at the earliest, to decide whether or not to go ahead with their local count, given that the public health outlook can shift rapidly. Even if an event is planned, it may be cancelled after November 15 if the situation changes and the compiler judges that it is no longer safe to hold the event. In the event that your local count does not run this year, please note that there will be limited impact on the long term scientific and conservation value of the Christmas Bird Count by missing or altering one count season.

For questions about the Christmas Bird Count, please contact Yousif Attia


Brown Creeper Photo: Barbara Coll


We are currently evaluating options for the 2020-2021 CBC4Kids season. At this time, we will not be promoting the program or local events, but plan to keep our bird count resources available for communities and families to enjoy winter birdwatching. Please visit the CBC4Kids webpage for updated information as we get closer to the season.

For questions about the CBC4Kids, please contact Liza Barney

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