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Find bird-focused activities, links and resources to support your curriculum and student interests.

Bird-Friendly Schools Poster

Be bird-friendly by participating in Citizen Science and helping to conserve birds at school! Download your poster here.

Migration Education

Explore birds through the science and technology of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System! Learn about bird migration, take a virtual field trip to Long Point Bird Observatory, track a species with the Motus Case Studies, and explore bird movements at a receiving station near you!

School Swiftwatch

Many school chimneys provide important nesting and roosting habitat for Chimney Swifts. Get to know these incredible birds with the following activities:


Junior Birder Guide

Download and print your own Junior Birder Journal and Activity Guide! Learn about birds, how to identify them, and what you can do to protect birds in your neighborhood.

Ontario FeederWatch Cam

Enjoy birds on the big screen – in your classroom! The Ontario FeederWatch Cam is a real-time video, streaming everyday from November through April.

Project FeederWatch Tutorial

Learn how to get started with Project FeederWatch at your school! This interactive tutorial introduces the program, setting up your feeder space, how to identify and count birds at your feeder, and submitting observations to the Project FeederWatch database.

The Nature of Things – Songbird SOS

David Suzuki explains the state of songbirds in North America, highlighting the threats, science and conservation needed to address declining populations.

The State of Canada’s Birds (2019)

The State of North America’s Birds (2016)

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