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Give a hoot and help us monitor owls
As you will read in the Owl Survey Updates, additional Nocturnal Owl Survey volunteers are needed in some parts of Canada. These volunteers spend one spring evening counting owls along isolated roads to document population trends and breeding range limits. Find out more.
One rail, two rail, Green frog, Wood frog
Join the Marsh Monitoring Program for a unique and rewarding experience contributing to the understanding and conservation of wetlands, some of North America’s most vital and sensitive ecosystems. Whether you are new to identifying frogs or a top-notch birder, this more intensive program lets you get outside and spend your spring collecting data. Volunteers are needed to survey marshes on both sides of the Great Lakes, in Québec, and in the Maritimes. Find out how you can get involved helping wetlands in your region.

Common Loons Photo: Missy Mandel

Do you summer at the lake? 
Kayak your favourite bay? Return yearly to your traditional fishing hole? Then the Common Loon needs YOU! If you will be at a Canadian lake at least one day in each of June, July, and August, you can help steward your lake and loons by joining the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey and monitoring loon chick survival. To learn more visit the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey webpage or contact Kathy.

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