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6. Take action on the climate crisis

Photo: Pete Davidson

The rapidly changing climate is the threat that creates the most uncertainty about the future of bird populations in Canada.

A 2019 study predicted that two-thirds of North America’s birds will be seriously affected by our changing climate, with Canadian Arctic and Boreal birds being the most vulnerable. One example of how the changing climate affects birds relates to timing of life-cycle events. For the many long-distance migratory birds that rely on the early summer pulse of insects to feed their young, warmer temperatures promote earlier emergence of insects, creating “mis-matches” with the birds’ migration timing. Less food often means fewer healthy offspring.

Blackpoll Warbler Photo: Martin Jalkotzy

Protecting bird habitat while tackling other threats to birds by taking the actions listed above will give birds the best possible chance of withstanding the impacts of the climate crisis. At the same time, we also need to drastically cut our greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible.

You can be part of the solution:

Photo: Moriah Tanguay
  • Reduce, conserve, and offset your carbon emissions by cutting down your energy use at home and work, choosing energy efficient vehicles, or taking your bike to work or your favourite birding patch!
  • Support nature-based solutions to the climate crisis such as the conservation of habitats that serve as carbon sinks (e.g., grasslands, tropical forests, wetlands, and estuaries).
Photo: Graham Sorenson
  • Advocate for change – be a voice for birds! Make sure your municipal, provincial, and federal governments know that climate-focused policy changes and incentives for individuals are desperately needed to improve environmental regulations, resource development, and carbon emission strategies.

Looking for more ways to help reduce the biggest threats to birds?

1. Create and protect habitat for birds

2. Keep cats from roaming outside

3. Make windows safer for birds

4. Avoid the use of pesticides

5. Reduce plastic use

Become a Champion for Birds

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