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5. Reduce plastic use

Black-footed Albatross Photo: Yousif Attia

Canadians produce an astonishing 3.3 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.

Plastics make their way into the environment, where they can harm wildlife in myriad ways (e.g., seabirds suffocate from ingesting and becoming entangled in plastics). They also break down into small “microplastics” that are eaten by wildlife and move up the food chain. Plastics also absorb contaminants in the environment, and when plastics are eaten, these contaminants can build up to toxic levels in wildlife. And unfortunately in Canada (and around the world) many plastics cannot efficiently be (or are not being) recycled.

Help reduce our reliance on plastics by refusing them at the point of purchase: choose alternatives to plastic packaging, bags, straws, cutlery, bottles, etc.

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1. Create and protect habitat for birds

2. Keep cats from roaming outside

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4. Avoid the use of pesticides

6. Take action on the climate crisis

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