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2. Keep cats from roaming outside

Photo: Darroch Whitaker

After habitat loss, the single largest source of bird mortality in Canada is domestic and feral cats.

A cat sitting on a window ledge peering through the sunlit window panes

On average, cats kill more than 100 million birds each year in Canada. Domestic cats are not native to any ecosystem, and allowing them to roam outdoors has a negative impact not only on birds, but other native wildlife populations as well.

Keeping cats inside or outside in a controlled environment by using a leash and harness or a Catio, is best for native wildlife, and for the health of your pets. For more tips and resources visit:

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1. Create and protect habitat for birds

3. Make windows safer for birds

4. Avoid the use of pesticides

5. Reduce plastic use

6. Take action on the climate crisis

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