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1. Get to know birds and share what you learn

Photo: Walter De Boever

Simply observing birds and learning to identify them is a rewarding way to connect with the natural world.

A group of people looking at the sky with binoculars to monitor raptors
Photo: Liza Barney

You can start by borrowing a bird guide from your library, joining an outing with your local naturalist club, putting up bird feeders (read our tips on keeping feeder birds healthy) or participating in one of our entry-level Citizen Science programs such as the Great Backyard Bird Count or Project FeederWatch. You could also check out our New to Birding webpage, sample one of our online courses, and download the free Merlin Bird ID App.

If you are already fully immersed in the world of birds, try and find opportunities to share your love of birds and help make birds and birding more accessible to others in your community. Anyone can be a bird champion!

Looking for more ways to become a champion for birds?

2. Volunteer for bird conservation

3. Be a bird-savvy consumer

4. Advocate for birds

Help Reduce the Biggest Threats to Birds

how you can help tackle specific threats that are having the biggest impact on bird populations

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