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1. Create and protect habitat for birds

Photo: Kate Dalgleish

If you are fortunate enough to have a yard or even a patch of land that you steward, one of the most rewarding actions you can take is bird gardening.​

A group of people looking at the sky with binoculars to monitor raptors
Tree Swallows Photo: Caroline Biel

Take your love of birds to the next level by creating and enhancing habitat that provides them with essential resources (food, water, and shelter) throughout the year. With Birds Canada’s new online resources at, you can design a nature-focused garden. When you garden with birds in mind, your property can become part of a larger conservation initiative to help address the loss of biological diversity (biodiversity). And you might be surprised by how many new wildlife species you’ll see visiting your property or living in your garden!

You could also consider supporting efforts to protect important habitat for birds and other wildlife. To learn about areas in Canada that have already been identified as crucial for maintaining Canada’s bird populations, visit our Important Bird and Biodiversity/Key Biodiversity Area program page.

Looking for more ways to help reduce the biggest threats to birds?

2. Keep cats from roaming outside

3. Make windows safer for birds

4. Avoid the use of pesticides

5. Reduce plastic use

6. Take action on the climate crisis

Become a Champion for Birds

ways to make birds part of your life and become a champion for them