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4. Avoid the use of pesticides

Bank Swallow Photo: Brock & Sherri Fenton

The widespread use of chemical pesticides and herbicides in agriculture, forestry, and in our own yards and homes, poses a major threat to many bird species in Canada.

A dead Yellow-rumped Warbler laying on the concrete, the result of a collision with a man-made structure
Eastern Kingbird Photo: Scott Leslie

These poisons accumulate in and kill invertebrates and plants that birds feed and live on. Birds that feed almost exclusively on insects while in flight (aerial insectivores), show some of the steepest declines of any bird group.

You can help make a positive change by avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides on your property and in your home, and by choosing bird-friendly gardening practices.

Looking for more ways to help reduce the biggest threats to birds?

1. Create and protect habitat for birds

2. Keep cats from roaming outside

3. Make windows safer for birds

5. Reduce plastic use

6. Take action on the climate crisis

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