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By Yousif Attia, Canadian CBC Coordinator, Birds Canada

The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) ran for the 123rd consecutive season between December 14, 2022 and January 5, 2023. As always, thank you to all the participants who counted birds at feeders and in the field, those who are compiling the results, and those who coordinated the effort.

Every CBC season is different! This time, many parts of Canada experienced an unusually early and persistent blast of winter weather. This was particularly challenging for participants living in typically milder parts of the country like the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. One reason it’s important to monitor the occurrence of wild birds year after year is to track how it changes with changing weather and climate patterns.

Despite the challenging weather this season, Canadians proved their resilience and made the best of it!

Sharp-tailed Grouse, Golden Eagle, and scenery on the Dinosaur Provincial Park Christmas Bird Count in Alberta.
Canada Jay observed on the Algonquin Provincial Park Christmas Bird Count in Ontario.
Varied Thrush photographed during a Christmas Bird Count in Surrey, BC.

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Once again, thank you for being part of this important effort! 

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