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Volunteer opportunity:

The Québec Marsh Monitoring Program is an annual late spring and early summer survey focused on discreet marsh-dwelling birds. It is part of a larger national marsh monitoring effort. The program offers participants a unique and rewarding opportunity to contribute to the knowledge and conservation of one of North America’s most threatened ecosystems. We are looking for volunteers across Québec to adopt existing marsh routes that are not currently being surveyed or new routes in marshes with no current coverage.

Is it for me?

As a general guideline, volunteers should be able to identify 50 species of common birds by sight and sound, especially species living in and around marshes. The survey is conducted twice between May 27 and July 12, with at least 10 days between visits. Volunteers survey one to eight stations, depending on marsh size and the time that they have available to invest in the project. Each survey at each station lasts 15 minutes and surveys are conducted either in the early morning or evening. Participants will need to be able to broadcast a playback track loud enough to be heard well at a distance of 100 metres, and in most cases will need a vehicle to access their marsh site.

Learn more and get involved: 

Please visit the program page or contact Andrew P. Coughlan at acoughlan @

American Bittern Photo: John Krampl
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