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The Quebec Marsh Monitoring Program is a survey of hard-to-spot marsh birds that takes place each year in late spring and early summer. It is part of a national program conducted in several other provinces. It offers participants a unique and rewarding opportunity to contribute to the knowledge and conservation of marshes, one of North America’s most endangered ecosystems. We are looking for volunteers throughout Quebec to take over existing or new routes to marshes that have not yet been patrolled.


As a general rule, volunteer participants should be able to identify at least 50 common bird species visually and by voice, especially those that live in or near marshes. The program consists of two surveys conducted between May 27 and July 12, separated by at least 10 days. Participants stop at one to eight stations, depending on the size of the marsh and the amount of time they have to invest in the work. They spend 15 minutes at each station in the early morning or evening. They must be able to play a sound recording of the voices of different species loud enough to cover a listening radius of at least 100 meters. In most cases, participants need a vehicle to get to their survey location.


Visit the program webpage or contact Andrew P. Coughlan at

American Bittern Photo: John Krampl

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