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Wood Thrush in Mistnet Photo: Ron Ridout Bird Banding

CMMN Steering Committee


The CMMN-RCSM Steering Committee is responsible for supporting, promoting and developing the CMMN. The Committee also sets goals, directions, and priorities for the CMMN in consultation with the member stations and the two partner organizations, Bird Studies Canada (BSC) and Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS).

The Steering Committee is composed of 10 to 12 members including 4 persons elected by member stations, up to 3 persons appointed by BSC, and up to 3 persons appointed by CWS. Up to 2 additional persons may be appointed by the committee, at its discretion. The committee's business is directed by a chair (or two co-chairs) elected by the committee members.

The Steering Committee meets by teleconference at least six times per year. Regular committee activities are directed at:

  • developing and updating the CMMN-RCSM Strategic Plan;
  • developing and updating criteria and policies for membership in the CMMN-RCSM;
  • reviewing and approving membership applications;
  • promoting and facilitating communications among member stations;
  • organizing the biennial CMMN-RCSM National Meetings;
  • holding biennial elections for the Station Representatives and renewal of committee appointments;
  • promoting use of CMMN-RCSM station facilities and data for bird monitoring, migration research, and conservation planning; and
  • promoting and facilitating collaborative research on bird migration in Canada.

Steering Committee Membership

CMMN-RCSM Steering Committee Terms of Reference 


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