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BC Beached Bird Survey

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Do you enjoy walking along British Columbia beaches, and are you interested in actively contributing to coastal conservation? Become a BC Beached Bird Survey volunteer!

Surveys involve checking your favourite beach once a month for carcasses that have washed up on shore. It may sound grim, but this information is key to understanding causes of seabird mortality, and identifying which species are most vulnerable to events such as oil spills and fisheries bycatch. Even though birds are not always found, "zero data" provides important baseline information. No special skills are required to participate, and it's suitable for all ages. All the survey equipment and data forms are provided.

For more information, read our participant fact sheet or contact:

Graham Sorenson
BC Projects Coordinator
Bird Studies Canada
5421 Robertson Road, RR1 Delta, BC V4K 3N2
Toll-free: 1-877-349-2473

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