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Kyle Horner, NatureCounts Engagement Coordinator

If you use the NatureCounts app to collect citizen science data, you’re sure to notice some changes when you head into the field this spring! A new version of the app was recently released, and it brings a host of improvements and new features.

You’ll see the difference right up front, as the handsome new login screen hints at the overhaul. The biggest change for many users will be the way you select your region and projects.

The number of projects using NatureCounts is growing rapidly, and these changes help keep things organized and efficient.

Catherine Jardine, Birds Canada's Associate Director of Data Science and Technology, holds up a tablet displaying NatureCounts out in the field.
Catherine Jardine, Birds Canada’s Associate Director of Data Science and Technology, using NatureCounts out in the field. Photo: Kris Cu

The list of regions is growing, too, as NatureCounts is now being used by some projects in the United States. A new Getting Started with NatureCounts video will help you get acquainted with the ins and outs of project selection.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature is the map-based point count tool. After a pilot in 2023, this game-changer is now available! The tool brings the traditional pencil-and-paper point count into the digital age, allowing surveyors to conduct their count with a few taps of the screen on an interactive map, and then submit the data directly from the field. If you participate in a project that does point counts, look for updates from your project coordinator on how to access and use this new feature.

The new version of the app also features numerous under-the-hood updates that you might not see, like faster syncing and new tools for project managers. These changes are the result of feedback from users and a great deal of hard work behind the scenes. Our goal is always to bring citizen science participants the best app experience and collect more, and better data on birds in Canada and beyond. Thank you for being a part of that mission and working towards the conservation of birds and their habitats!

Version 6.0 of the NatureCounts app is available now in the App Store and Google Play. To learn more, visit

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