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By Kerrie Wilcox, Canadian Leader of the Great Backyard Bird Count, Birds Canada

One of the greatest parts of the Great Backyard Bird Count is the chance to celebrate the beauty and diversity of birds, and the connections they bring to us, on a global scale. 

Bohemian Waxwing Photo: Nick Saunders, Macaulay Library

From February 17-20, people around the world counted birds in their area and submitted their observations. Participants recorded 7291 species. More than 290,500 checklists from around the world and 361,000 Merlin sightings have been entered so far. There’s still time to enter your checklists at

Dark-eyed Junco Photo: Rowan Keunen, Macaulay Library

In Canada, 247 species were recorded. An incredible 25,000 bird checklists and 25,000 Merlin sightings have been submitted so far.  If you joined in, thanks for being part of this event. We hope you had a great time. Your counts have been added to a database researchers rely on to help answer important questions about bird populations. Stay tuned for bird highlights in the next edition of our enews. Checklists are still coming in, but you can see early results online

Red-headed Woodpecker Photo: Manny Salas, Macaulay Library

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