Celebrating 40 Years of Birdathon in Canada

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Jim Baillie

The Great Canadian Birdathon was first established as the Baillie Birdathon in 1976. The Baillie name was chosen to honour James L. Baillie; Assistant Curator in the Department of Ornithology at the Royal Ontario Museum for nearly 50 years. Baillie’s knowledge of birds was unsurpassed, and he willingly shared his knowledge with thousands of people. Also established in 1976 was The James L. Baillie Memorial Fund. The fund is administered by Bird Studies Canada, and supports Canadian bird research and conservation efforts. In 2015, to reflect the growth and national scope of the Birdathon, a new name The Great Canadian Birdathon was adopted. The link to James Baillie will be maintained through the James L. Baillie Memorial Fund which receives a portion of the funds raised through the Birdathon each year.


To learn more about the Baillie Fund, view projects approved for funding in, or to read Reflections on J.L. Baillie, a personal account written by Jim Baillie’s friend Dr. H.J.M. Barnett, please visit the Baillie Fund website here.