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By Kris Dobney, Membership Services Specialist, Birds Canada


Participating in the Great Canadian Birdathon® is a fun and easy way to support bird conservation. So far, hundreds of people have signed up in 2021 to do just that. Thank you to all participants and donors who have gotten things off to a great start this year with their birding and fundraising efforts!

You can help too, by pledging your support for these dedicated individuals, or by signing up yourself! Visit the Great Canadian Birdathon page to see who is registered, donate, and sign up!

In 2021, participants are welcome to do their Birdathon at any point during the year. If you take part, please pick a time and place that allows you to stay safe given the COVID-19 situation in your area.

It’s been great hearing from those of you who have already done your Birdathons. Several teams decided to take advantage of migration and do a spring Birdathon.

Earlier this spring, Jennifer Nantais from the “Eagle Club” team in Ontario sent us some great photos from their Birdathon day.

Eagle Club Photo: Kory Renaud
Golden-crowned Kinglet on Eagle Club’s Birdathon Photo: Jennifer Nantais

On the May long weekend, “The Hooters” (Pat McAllister, Margaret Mackenzie, Gail Loughridge, and Joan Wilkinson) completed a Birdathon near Vernon, BC. Among their highlights were a Three-toed Woodpecker, Black Tern, and Common Poorwill.

The Hooters Photo: Pat McAllister
American Three-toed Woodpecker on The Hooters’ Birdathon Photo: Pat McAllister

Also on the May long weekend, Birds Canada staff Natasha Barlow, Kate Dalgleish, Andrea Gress, and Kaelyn Bumelis participated in their respective areas in Ontario under the team name of “The Waterloons”.

Natasha and her husband Grant enjoyed such delights as a singing Indigo Bunting and a family of Sandhill Cranes, and Kaelyn admired a Carolina Wren, among others.

“I was thrilled to add five new birds to my life list!” Kate reported. “Three I was hoping to spot: a Yellow-billed cuckoo, Northern Waterthrush, and Orchard Oriole. Two complete surprises: a Canada Warbler and a Cerulean Warbler.”

Andrea encountered her first Veeries of the year and, in the spirit of the long weekend, combined some backyard birding with BBQing.

Grant & Natasha Photo: Kate Dalgleish
Carolina Wren Photo: Kaelyn Bumelis

If you do a Great Canadian Birdathon of your own, don’t forget take some photos and share them with us so we can include them in our participant photo album on Facebook! We’d like to see the Birdathon community across Canada represented – including you! Please email me your photos at kdobney AT or share them on social media using hashtag #GreatCanadianBirdathon.

Thank you once again for your support for bird conservation.

Sandhill Cranes Photo: Grant Davis
Indigo Bunting Photo: Grant Davis
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