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Registration is open for the 2020 Great Canadian Birdathon. Sign up now and you can join thousands of birders and supporters giving birds a boost! Last year’s Birdathon raised over $200,000 for conservation efforts across Canada, thanks to individuals like you.

The Great Canadian Birdathon has always taken place in May – the traditional time for many of us to celebrate spring migration, but there is no need to be constrained by tradition! This year we are suggesting that your Birdathon can take place any time.

We’ve been hearing from many past participants who want to hold a Birdathon while being mindful of the serious nature of the COVID-19 threat. We hope Birdathon will allow you to take comfort in an activity you love, but we ask that you do so only following public health recommendations in your area – for now, this means not birding in close groupings, maintaining two metres of space between yourself and others, and respecting any closures of parks and conservation areas.

Whichever time, location, and method you choose, please keep your health and the health of those around you top of mind. And remember to register at We will of course also adjust the timing of our Birdathon participant prize draws this year to ensure all participants are included.


2019 Highlights

Last year, we heard from some new participants about what it was like taking part in their first-ever Birdathon!

Carter Dorscht and his dad did their inaugural Birdathon in the Algoma District of Ontario: “The day we picked ended up being slightly too early for peak songbird migration and the weather cut our day short, but we still managed 106 species, met our fundraising goal, and had a blast doing it. We’ll be back again this year to hopefully raise more money and find more species!”

Carter Dorscht on his first Birdathon Photo: Ron Dorscht

A new birder on our staff, Ruth Friendship-Keller, was another example: “My first Birdathon inspired me to stop, listen, and look more closely whenever I am outside. It’s been nice to see my interest spread to my family and friends as well, as I point out the birds I see or hear. We’re enjoying sharing our sightings and learning more every day. I’m really looking forward to the next Great Canadian Birdathon!”

Birds Canada’s Ruth Friendship-Keller Photo: Ellen Jakubowski

Birds Need Our Help

As The State of Canada’s Birds, 2019 report confirms, many bird populations from coast to coast are declining in response to a range of pressures. Birds relying on flying insects, grasslands, oceans, and coastal habitats are in particular need of urgent conservation action. Your Birdathon proceeds will support important bird conservation and research projects across Canada through the James L. Baillie Memorial Fund.

More Reasons to Participate

As a participant, you are entitled to receive the 2020 limited edition Great Canadian Birdathon t-shirt featuring a beautiful Common Nighthawk design by Paul Riss and Rachel Riordan. The shirt is available in both men’s and women’s sizes!

You also have the chance to win some great prizes. The 2020 Grand Prize is an all-inclusive guided tour generously provided by Eagle-Eye Tours. Other prizes include binoculars, spotting scopes, and a year’s supply of bird food! All prizes are courtesy of our wonderful Great Canadian Birdathon sponsors: Armstrong Bird Food, Eagle-Eye Tours, Kowa, and Vortex Canada.

Whether or not you take home a prize, you can enjoy a day of birding with the knowledge that Canada’s birds will be the real winners. Let’s keep making a difference for Canada’s birds. Register for the 2020 Birdathon or pledge your support today!

We’d love to hear from you. You can share your 2020 Great Canadian Birdathon plans and highlights with us using the hashtag #GreatCanadianBirdathon on social media.

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