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By Steven Price, President, Birds Canada


Birds Canada is very fortunate to have a team of committed Board members to direct and protect our organization. These volunteers come from a vast array of experiences including finance, media, law, food industry, technology, research, government and other non-governmental organizations. They share a love of nature and dedication to helping bird conservation.


Photo: Ellen Jakubowski

At our first all-virtual annual meeting on September 26, we welcomed three new directors to the Board: Brian Finnigan, Cher Mereweather, and Trevor Swerdfager. You can find out more about the members of the Birds Canada Board of Directors on our website.

One of the important roles of the Board is setting the course for the organization. For the past year, they have been deeply involved in developing a new strategic plan for Birds Canada to take us through to 2025. There will be more to come on this topic as we continue our mission to conserve wild birds of Canada through sound science, on-the-ground actions, innovative partnerships, public engagement, and science-based advocacy.

Another highlight of the meeting was the review of our past conservation successes and a glimpse into our future. If you missed seeing this special presentation live, you can watch it on our YouTube channel. Our annual report provides a summary of what your support has helped accomplish so far, as well as a look ahead.  The meeting also provided a review of our financial position, confirming we are still on budget for 2020 and the reminder that continued support from our members, volunteers, donors, and sponsors will be critical to maintaining our work.

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing gifts of time and money!

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