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By Andrés Jiménez, Urban Program Coordinator, Birds Canada


I have some exciting news to share with you. At Birds Canada, our work to conserve Canada’s wild birds pushes us to find effective ways to enrich your experience of nature wherever you are. We understand that anyone who wishes to connect with, learn about, or take action for birds should have an easy and accessible way to do it.

As one of the instructors and the architect for the Beta version, I am excited to present our new platform for online learning. Its high-quality, free online courses will bring you engaging, useful, geographically-relevant, and up-to-date information that will help you connect with and conserve birds.

You can check out  the Beta version of the platform at:

We are starting with three courses and are hard at work to bring you more. We have an exciting Birding by Ear course – one of a kind in the world – valuable to all, but tailored for people with sight loss. You can also learn how to make birds feel at home with practical guidance about gardening, pets and windows. And finally, you can join our bird drawing course to explore your artistic side.

This platform comes to you thanks to the generous support of Armstrong Bird Food, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, and the Ontario Tourism Board.

When I say Beta version – I acknowledge we are testing technology and learning. Your feedback is precious. Did you love the course? Let us know. Do you want new topics? Let us know. Can we improve your experience? Let us know.

I look forward to hearing your comments. You can reach me, Andrés, by email at

Have fun and love birds! Gracias totales!

Curious about the courses?

Here is a sample!

Birding By Ear Lesson 5: You can Identify Birds


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