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Paula and Ted grew up spotting Eastern Bluebirds and Baltimore Orioles in their backyards. Since retiring in Port Rowan, the duo has volunteered with Friends of Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO), where they’ve built nearly 300 Tree Swallow nest boxes to help protect this stunning songbird. Paula leads Friends of LPBO and together, she and Ted help manage the gift shop, bookstore, and welcome visitors to the banding station alongside other volunteers.

“People from around the world come to band birds and you can see the excitement on their faces. We’ve had the privilege of meeting birders from Germany, Italy, South America, and more.”

Paula and Ted have also received an award from the North American Bluebird Society for their outstanding efforts creating bird houses.

“We 150% recommend volunteering with Birds Canada! The knowledge you pick up from banders, what you learn about birds, and handling birds is incredible. Watching childrens’ faces light up when they’re learning about birds is a marvelous thing to be involved with.”

Paula and Ted’s story spans a nearly 50-year marriage and serves as a reminder that birding together, and birding as a community, has incredible impact.

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Paula and Ted Gent Photo: Samual Perfect

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