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Making birds feel at home: a beginner’s guide

Learn three useful and practical methods to make your windows visible for birds, discover how to help your pets get along with wild birds, create a bird-friendly oasis in your garden.

Lesson 1: Make your windows visible to birds

This lecture will provide you with the techniques to adapt your windows to protect migratory and resident birds. Every time we adjust a window, we can save dozens of birds a year.

Lesson 2: Warn birds of our dearest pets

Gain three techniques to help your cat get along with birds and three methods to keep your dog from harming birds around you.

Lesson 3: Bed and Breakfast for Birds

Discover the joys of making your garden a bird-friendly bed and breakfast. This lecture will give you the basics on how to enrich your garden towards attracting more birds. It uses the lessons from the forest to provide you with five useful and applicable solutions towards making your garden a lush habitat.

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