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Birding by Ear for all

Section 1: Introduction

This course is specially tailored for people with sight loss but all are welcomed! Meet your instructor and find out about the freedom of birding by ear.

Lesson 1: About this course

Lesson 2: Discover the Freedom of Birding

Section 2: Bird Basics

What makes a bird a bird, why they are special and what makes them a gateway to the world (beautiful, most fly, sounds, found everywhere, provide hope and inspiration).

Lesson 3: Speaking of Birds

Lesson 4: The Language of Birds

Section 3: Birding by Ear

Anyone can love birds, and with a little determination, anyone can identify them using sound. You can use sound to identify birds and I will tell you how.

Lesson 5: You can Identify Birds
Lesson 6: Using Sounds to Identify Birds

Section 4: Bird Calls to Read the World

Reading the world with birds.

Lesson 7: Bird Calls form the Hood
Lesson 8: The World in Birds
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