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Birding by Ear for all

Section 1: Introduction

This course is specially tailored for people with a visual impairment such as sight loss and low vision but all are welcome! You can go birding with ears open to an amazing world by discovering the freedom of birding by ear. Meet your instructor and find out about the freedom of birding by ear.

Lesson 1: About this course

Lesson 2: Discover the Freedom of Birding

Section 2: Bird Basics

What makes a bird a bird, why they are special and what makes them a gateway to the world (beautiful, most fly, sounds, found everywhere, provide hope and inspiration).

Lesson 3: Speaking of Birds

Lesson 4: The Language of Birds

Section 3: Birding by Ear

Anyone can love birds, and with a little determination, anyone can identify them using sound. You can use sound to identify birds and I will tell you how.

Lesson 5: You can Identify Birds
Lesson 6: Using Sounds to Identify Birds

Section 4: Bird Calls to Read the World

Reading the world with birds.

Lesson 7: Bird Calls from the Hood

Lesson 8: The World in Birds