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The new Cottage Life documentary special Loons: A Cry From The Mist chronicles a year in the life of Canada’s iconic bird, the Common Loon. For millions of years, loons have migrated the lengths of North America; from southern ocean waters in winter to breeding grounds on northern lakes each summer. But Canada’s beloved bird is under threat and its survival is at stake – approximately 25 to 30% fewer chicks are fledged across southern Canada now compared to a decade ago.

loon family swimming on a misty lake
Common Loons Photo: Lesley Morton

In order to save this beloved waterbird before silence falls across the lakes, we first must understand how they live, breed, and raise their young. Through the lens of experts including Dr. Doug Tozer, Director of Waterbirds and Wetlands at Birds Canada; Citizen Scientists; and cottagers, the documentary examines the perils impacting the loon population – from climate change, to pollutants, to boat traffic disturbing their habitat.

There’s still time to ensure the Common Loons’ beautifully haunting calls are not only a distant memory. You can learn more about loons and how to help them by watching the complete documentary Loons: A Cry From The Mist on Sunday, December 25 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on Cottage Life TV or on the Apple TV app until Tuesday, July 18.

Bonus! Citizen Scientists video

Volunteer Citizen Scientists with the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey play a vitally important role in uncovering what is happening with loon populations and how to conserve them. Discover more in this short video.

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