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The Bird Studies Canada team has been fortunate to welcome some amazing new talent since 2018. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to some of the staff who are doing important work for Canada’s birds with your support. We have even more new team members than could fit into this post, so stay tuned for more introductions in the near future!

Lucas Berrigan – Maritime Marsh Monitoring Coordinator
“I have been fascinated by birds since a young age and Bird Studies Canada was there from the start. After completing my Master’s on the post-breeding behavior of Swainson’s Thrushes at Acadia University, I joined Bird Studies Canada’s team in the Atlantic Region in April 2018 to run the Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program. Since then, I have taken on more responsibilities related to the Motus Wildlife Tracking System – namely, managing the Atlantic array of Motus receiver stations and supporting Motus users worldwide. I am proud to be part of Bird Studies Canada and contributing to a greater understanding of birds and their environment.”

Kyle Cameron – Program Coordinator, Long Point Bird Observatory
“I have the honour of working at the longest-running bird observatory in the Western Hemisphere! At Long Point Bird Observatory, the founding program of Bird Studies Canada, our team runs three migration monitoring stations that help to track population trends of migratory birds. The observatory is run almost entirely by volunteers who have come from more than 50 countries to take part in our work here. I am very excited to be collecting data that guide conservation policy and garner a deep understanding of bird behaviour and ecology.”
“One of the most special highlights from my work so far was witnessing a massive diurnal raptor migration at the Tip of Long Point. Hundreds of Sharp-shinned Hawks and Cooper’s Hawks could be seen flying over before they descended upon the Tip. The atmosphere was chaotic as they flew with expert agility through the trees and around one another in pursuit of the next meal to supply them with the energy needed to continue in their migration. That was when I was a volunteer at Long Point (and one of the many reasons I fell in love with the place) in the fall of 2015.”
“In order to truly help struggling bird populations, I believe we need to engage as many champions for birds as we can – within the general public as well as the scientific community. I incorporate education into the work I do as much as possible. Old Cut Research Station is open to the public and school groups for educational tours that can spark a connection with nature. Drop by the station today!”

Ruth Friendship-Keller – Director, Communications
“I joined the Bird Studies Canada team in September 2018 and I’m thoroughly enjoying working with this group of smart, passionate, and dedicated people. My background is in agriculture and horticulture with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University Guelph. I’ve worked in provincial government, not-for-profit and charitable organizations.”
“In my current role, I work closely with Communications Specialist Ellen Jakubowski, and the rest of the public support team. This includes Membership Database Manager Rosie Kirton; Director of Citizen Science & Engagement Jody Allair; Science Education Specialist Liza Barney; Member Services Assistant Lynn Batty; Member Services Specialist Kris Dobney; and Vice-President, Public Support Kyla Makela.”
“My hope is to help Bird Studies Canada do even more to help birds. We have a lot of opportunities to engage more people in the work of conserving wild birds of Canada through sound science, on-the-ground actions, innovative partnerships, public engagement, and science-based advocacy.”

Dr. Silke Nebel – Vice-President, Science and Conservation
“I joined Bird Studies Canada in September 2018, and I oversee the organizations’ bird monitoring and conservation programs across the country. Prior to joining Bird Studies Canada, I ran a science communication business (‘Science to Action Consulting’), and also worked as a research grant writer at Western University, where I was responsible for securing external research funding from provincial, national, and international competitions. Before moving to London, Ontario, I worked out of research institutes in Canada, Panama, the Netherlands, and Australia.”
“I hold a PhD in Biology and have published over 30 peer-reviewed papers on my research, mainly on ecology of migratory birds. I have been involved with the Canadian Science Policy Conference since 2015, have served on the Advisory Board of the London Institute for Public Policy and as the Chair of the Middlesex-London Food Policy Council.”

Graham Sorenson – BC Projects Coordinator
“I coordinate Citizen Science programs on BC’s coast (Coastal Waterbird Survey and Beached Bird Survey), as well as the Nocturnal Owl Survey for BC, Yukon, and Northwest Territories. I also conduct education and outreach events for kids and the public and help with research projects that Bird Studies Canada is involved in, like the ongoing Long-billed Curlew tracking work in BC. I really enjoy my position with Bird Studies Canada, where I can share my enthusiasm and appreciation for birds and conservation and coordinate opportunities for people to collect bird data that are used for conservation and monitoring.”
“I have spent the last ten years focused on birds, from undergraduate studies and research (Leach’s Storm-Petrel), to a graduate degree on seabird physiology and environmental conditions (Thick-billed Murre), to fieldwork and research positions across Canada and the U.S. (Common Loon, Canada Jay, Savannah Sparrow, Island Scrub-Jay, Song Sparrow, songbird point counts, and waterfowl monitoring). I am from the United States, but now call Canada home. I am never not birding, especially during my favorite activities of hiking, backpacking, running, and travelling.”

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