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At the end of September, Bird Studies Canada staff from across the country came together for our annual Learning Week. Representatives of all departments reported on progress toward major organizational goals for bird research and conservation, and exchanged ideas for overcoming key challenges.
The enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer Board of Directors then met on September 30 and October 1. The members of the Board shared valuable perspectives on a range of activities within the organization, drawing on their collective knowledge and experience in diverse fields.
Three vacancies on the Board were filled at our Annual Members Meeting on September 30. Anne McConnell was elected to our Board for the first time. Two people who had previously served on the Board were re-elected for a new three-year term: Karen Brown (Chair) and Dr. David Bird. The other Board members are: Gwen Chapman, Brian Finnigan, Dr. Susan Hannon, David Love, Karen McDonald, Anne Murray, Diane Salter, Alan R. Smith, Dr. Rodger Titman, Paul Uys, and Dr. Steve Wendt. Dr. Kathleen Blanchard and Jean-Pierre Martel completed their terms on the Board.
This series of meetings offered the occasion to reflect on the successes summarized in our newly-published 2017 Annual Report, and to acknowledge all who made these achievements possible. We are extremely grateful to our many donors, members, volunteers, and friends for supporting our continued strength and growth, and indebted to all past and present Board members for their efforts on our behalf.
“Many bird groups are in severe decline, including shorebirds, seabirds, and grassland species,” observed Bird Studies Canada’s President, Steven Price, following the meetings. “Yet Bird Studies Canada has never been in a stronger position to help turn things around, with the outstanding range of experience and talent of our national staff and volunteer Board members. Working together with our tens of thousands of volunteer Citizen Scientists across Canada, we are resolved and determined to meet the challenges.”

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