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If you enjoy keeping up with new discoveries in the world of bird research, don’t miss the latest issue (Volume 15, Issue 1) of Avian Conservation and Ecology. You can enjoy all of the articles free of charge in this open-access online scientific journal, which is co-sponsored by Birds Canada and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists.

The current issue features a guest editorial proposing a roadmap for conserving aerial insectivores in North America, a book review of the Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Québec, a range of research papers covering topics from habitat selection and nest survival in Great Plains shorebirds to changes in crane migration associated with climate change in southwestern Europe, and more.

In recent years, this publication has become ever more widely known and referenced. The journal’s 300+ articles published since 2005 have now been hit by web users an impressive 2.3 million times and have been downloaded a grand total of nearly 748,000 times. Based on its impact factor (one of various measures of a journal’s reach based on citations), Avian Conservation and Ecology is now ranked 2nd out of 28 ornithology journals. It’s a top choice for the latest and most impactful science conserving birds across the globe!

We would also like to highlight the efforts of the journal’s publisher, The Resilience Alliance, whose managing staff, Jennifer and Adele Mullie, work very hard to support ACE. These dedicated individuals, along with the editors-in-chief, 30 subject editors, and countless peer-reviewers, produce nearly 40 high-quality articles each year. To each of these devoted individuals we extend a great deal of thanks.

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If you’re an author thinking about submitting an article to the journal, please check out the many  reasons for publishing in ACE.

Pileated Woodpeckers Photo: Marlene Trott
Eastern Whip-poor-will Photo: Ron Ridout

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