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With the holiday season coming up quickly, our team at Birds Canada wanted to share these gift ideas with you. Find something special for your loved ones AND make a meaningful impact for birds!


Unique Jewelry

Handmade songbird earrings, hummingbird necklace pendants, and Christmas tree bird ornaments are just a few of the handmade treasures you’ll find at bumblebee jewelry. There’s something for every bird lover, and Canadian designer/maker Katherine Flynn is donating 15% of every sale on behalf of Birds Canada.

*** Be sure to type “Birds Canada” in the note to seller at checkout. 

Bumblebee jewelry: Wire Bird Earrings, Silver


Bird-Inspired Yarn

For those who enjoy crafts as much as they enjoy birds, bird-themed yarn could be just the thing. At Songbird Yarn and Fibres, you will find playful products in colour combinations inspired by birds from Canada and around the world. The yarn is available in a variety of weights and is dyed using immersion and handpainting techniques. Each bird-inspired skein or product generates a $2 donation to Birds Canada for research and conservation work. Be sure to order by December 10 if you want to receive your order ahead of December 25.

Songbird Yarn & Fibres


Bird Friendly® Birds and Beans coffee

Do you have any coffee-lovers on your gift list? How about a coffee subscription? Birds and Beans is offering Birds Canada supporters a special offer for the giving season. Simply order online with promo code BirdsCanada and 10% of your purchase will be donated to Bird Canada. You’ll get a great cup of coffee, support farmers who are preserving habitat in South and Central America, and support Birds Canada, too! Birds and Beans has spent 20 years perfecting their roasting technique while exclusively offering coffees that have positive environmental and social impacts. Bird Friendly® coffees are the world’s only shade-grown, organic coffees certified by third-party inspectors using criteria established by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Use this link to order your preferred roast today and the BirdsCanada promo code will be applied automatically:


Bird Friendly Window Tape

Collisions with windows in residential and commercial buildings kill more than 25 million birds in Canada each year, and the majority of these collisions occur at houses. Fortunately, options for making windows safer for birds are available! One option is installing the Feather Friendly DIY product on the outside of the window. When you purchase this product and use Coupon Code BirdsCanada, Feather Friendly will make a donation to Birds Canada to support bird conservation. It makes a great gift for a bird-loving homeowner, and it helps birds in more ways than one!

Photo: Feather Friendly


Gift of Project FeederWatch

By counting the birds in their neighbourhoods, Project FeederWatch participants enjoy learning about birds and watching their antics while at the same time helping our scientists monitor and protect winter bird populations. You don’t need to be an expert to get involved! Recipients will receive informative project materials and have access to support. Your donation of any amount to Birds Canada will provide the gift recipient with the opportunity to participate in Citizen Science programs including Project FeederWatch. If you give $50 or more, your gift recipient will also receive our exclusive BirdWatch Canada magazine. Sign up online or call us toll-free at 1-888-448-2473. Please order your Project FeederWatch gift by December 1st.

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Photo: Kerrie Wilcox


Gift of Bird Conservation

Do you know someone who cares about birds and making an impact? For some people, a donation made on their behalf is the most meaningful gift of all. When you make a gift donation to Birds Canada, your loved one will be happy knowing they are making a real difference to advance the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of birds across Canada and beyond. They will be invited to participate in Birds Canada Citizen Science volunteer programs if they choose, and if you give $50 or more, they will receive quarterly updates of their support in action for birds in our magazine, BirdWatch Canada. Give the gift of bird conservation.

Photo: LeeAnn Latremouille

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