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Evening Grosbeak Photo: Missy Mandel

Every day, caring Canadians like you help Bird Studies Canada take action from coast to coast to coast, protecting nesting sites for Canada’s wild birds. Our members help fund biologists in the field, conducting world-class science for conservation – and also support our crucial Citizen Science efforts.
With your gift to Bird Studies Canada you can help protect nests of all shapes and sizes, for all groups of birds. Some of the most fascinating nests are those of Canada’s seabirds, from storm-petrel burrows, to murrelets among the trees of coastal old-growth forests, to gannets nesting on towering cliffs.
As you may know, the seabird group has the continent’s highest degree of species of concern (nearly 60%), according to the State of North America’s Birds report. Seabirds are global citizens. They nest in Canada, but often feed on the High Seas. Their populations tell us stories about what’s happening in our oceans.
You can take action today and be part of this story too!
Will you help vulnerable birds by making a special gift today? Your donation will support critical on-the-ground work to help seabirds and other threatened species, right now. And you can be part of our Nesting Tree!
This holiday season, Canadian bird lovers are sharing wishes and promises for Canada’s birds with us. When you give today, you can use the “Comments” section to share your wish for birds, or your promise for what you’ll do to help birds. We’ll write yours on one of our holiday ornaments and add it to our Nesting Tree in our national office in Port Rowan, Ontario!
From all of us at Bird Studies Canada, we hope your ‘nest’ is filled with comfort and joy, and that you and your loved ones find some time together to watch birds on a winter walk or in your own yard.
Attached here is a special update with details of how your gift will help! You’ll hear the voices and stories of two Bird Studies Canada scientists working every day to help vulnerable seabirds.

Please take a moment right now and make your special gift to Bird Studies Canada. And please share your wish or promise for our Nesting Tree!
Your gift today will help us protect nests, nest sites, and habitats for all Canadian birds. You’ll help conserve threatened species, and provide vital support for birds that are more common all across the country. Thank you!

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