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Night monitoring for amphibians. Photo: Katherine Bheeler

Volunteer Opportunity

Birds Canada is looking for volunteers to survey marsh-breeding birds and frogs in wetlands throughout the Great Lakes basin.

What Do I Do?

You can choose to survey frogs, birds, or both depending on your skill and the routes available in your area.

Frog surveys occur at night and require good hearing ability. They are perfect if you are a new naturalist, or if you are new to fieldwork.

Bird surveys take place in the morning or evening, require good hearing, and involve correctly identifying bird species in your area.

The surveys often require walking on trails, boardwalks, or berms within marshes. You might also encounter plenty of insects during your surveys (including some that bite!). Survey routes are available throughout the Great Lakes. Preference will be given to individuals who live near available routes.

What Are the Benefits?

When you volunteer for the Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program, you:

  • Enjoy your favourite places while contributing to science
  • Gain fieldwork experience to show current or future employers
  • Build a network of fellow passionate conservationists
  • Protect species in your community and the wetlands they depend on for survival
  • Contribute to the global awareness and management of freshwater marshes and lakes

Learn More and Get Involved

To learn more about the Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program and see available routes, please visit:

Please contact program coordinator Kathy Jones if you have questions: volunteer @

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