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Bird-friendly schools

Birds spark an undeniable wonder and curiosity about our natural world. One of the most exciting places to learn about birds is our own neighborhoods and schoolyards!

Our Bird-friendly School activities, programs, lessons and experiences align the seasonal changes of birds with the school year, supporting formal curricula, student inquiry and project-based activities.  We invite you to explore and learn about birds, participate in Citizen Science, and discover how to be ‘bird-friendly’ at school, home and in the community.  With thousands of schoolyards across Canada, a network of ‘Bird-friendly Schools’ can support safe and healthy habitats for birds, and inspire young stewards for birds and nature.

American Goldfinch at Feeder

Discover and explore birds near you! Visit the activity gallery for fun activities, ideas and resources.

Learn more about birds through our virtual field trips, lesson plans, and educator resources.

Participate in bird-focused Citizen Science at school! Monitor local birds during the winter, along migration or through the nesting season, and share your observations for science!

There are many ways we can help to conserve birds. Learn how we can be ‘bird-friendly’ at school, home and in our communities, and share your stewardship action projects here!

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Liza Barney, Education Program Coordinator
Facebook: @BirdsCanadaEducation
Twitter: @BirdsCanada_Ed

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