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The Marbled Murrelet is a small, plump seabird currently listed as threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act. The seabird lives most of its life at the ocean, diving, and hunting for small fish. However, unlike most other seabirds that nest on remote islands and rocky cliffs, the Marbled Murrelet nests in coastal old growth rainforests.

The bird is also culturally significant to the Tla’amin Nation. They use the Marbled Murrelet as a natural fish finder; recognizing the presence of the seabird means fish are deeper in the water.

Birds Canada is proud to work with the Tla’amin Nation to survey Marbled Murrelets and prevent habitat loss to help this threatened seabird.

“It’s a very healing process being out here and being in touch with the land. You start to feel like you’re at home,” says Bryce Mckenzie with the Tla’amin Guardian Watchmen.

To learn more about how the Tla’amin Nation are protecting land and coastal habitats, watch From Sea to Canopy: Safeguarding the Marbled Murrelet.

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