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Purple Martin Photo: Ron Ridout

We’re pleased to announce this year’s James L. Baillie Memorial Fund grant recipients! Take a look at these important bird research and conservation projects, soon to be conducted across Canada with Baillie Fund support.
These new projects are just a selection of 625 that have received support from the fund over the years. Since 1978, grants totalling over $785,000 have been awarded! This funding is provided through the generous contributions of our supporters, in the form of proceeds from the annual Great Canadian Birdathon, as well as private donations. The grants are awarded competitively by independent trustees.
The 2018 funded projects span locations from Alberta to Prince Edward Island, with some focusing on particular species, such as the Purple Martin, Bobolink, and American Kestrel. This year’s grants will support the Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas, Barn Swallow monitoring in a PEI fishing community, and much more.
The fund is named in honour of naturalist, educator, and conservationist James L. Baillie. Baillie was Assistant Curator of the Royal Ontario Museum’s Ornithology Department for nearly 50 years. His enthusiasm for birds and conservation was infectious, and continues to live on in the work of the dedicated researchers and volunteers who receive grants each year.
Please visit our website for more information about the fund, including how to apply.

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