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By Yousif Attia, Outreach and Content Specialist, Birds Canada

The annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is scheduled for the 124th consecutive year this winter! With the increased interest in birding over the past few years, it comes as no surprise that the CBC continues to be embraced by people from all walks of life.

Last winter brought some challenging weather conditions for many circles across the country. Despite the unseasonable weather, thousands of people in Canada found a way to demonstrate their dedication for wild birds! For many of us that meant hunkering down at home and monitoring feeders, while others braved the cold and snow to count birds in the field. The CBC would not be possible without the contributions of participants, compilers, and regional editors who dedicate their time and effort towards conservation in this way. Thank you!

The Black-capped Chickadee is a familiar sight on many CBCs in Canada. Photo: Lucas Berrigan

Want to learn more about the CBC, why it matters, and how to get involved? Join our Free Christmas Bird Count in Canada webinar on December 7th, co-hosted by Birds Canada’s Jody Allair, Director of Community Engagement and Yousif Attia, Coordinator of the CBC in Canada. Jody and Yousif will go through a brief history of the CBC, take a look at what the CBC has taught us about bird populations, demonstrate how you can get involved, and share stories about our CBC experiences! Everyone is welcome, whether you’re already involved in the CBC or other programs like the Great Backyard Bird Count or Project FeederWatch, or you’re totally new to volunteer-based science, this webinar will have something for everyone.

The collective efforts of CBC participants have in the past turned up rare birds in unexpected places…Fieldfare Photo: Roger Beardmore
Spending time outside is one of the many benefits of getting involved in the CBC. Photo: Jason Leathem

Don’t forget to sign up with Birds Canada this year, and stay informed over email!  You can also contact us at  if you have questions.

Birds Canada oversees the Christmas Bird Count program nationally, in partnership with National Audubon Society.

Christmas Bird Count for Kids


Inspired by the well-loved, traditional Christmas Bird Count, the CBC4Kids engages new generations of young birders across North America.

CBC4Kids events and outings are coordinated locally by naturalist or community groups, or at schools, throughout December and January. Findings are submitted through an online checklist and reported to Nature Counts and eBird Canada, where they can be used in scientific research.

You can find all of the resources you need to coordinate a CBC4Kids event or bird walk on our CBC4Kids webpage.



CBC4Kids. Photo: Tara Carpenter
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