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Andrea Gress, Special Projects Coordinator

That’s right, our new course, Birding for Beginners, is available now!

This course will help you develop the foundational skills needed to start birding. You’ll learn about helpful tools like binoculars and guide books, and learn how to start identifying birds using size, shape, behaviours, habitats, colours and sounds. This online course is self-guided, free, and will take you around 1-3 hours to complete. And the best part is that you’ll learn these skills with some of the most common birds found across Canada

This is just the beginning. Birding for Beginners is available on our new educational website: Birds Canada Learn. The following courses are available now:

A male American Goldfinch perched on a reed.
American Goldfinch Photo: Geoff McDonell


  • Birding for Beginners
  • Gardening for Birds
  • Learn by Listening: About Birds
  • SwiftWatch Volunteer Training
  • Ontario Piping Plover Volunteer Training 

More courses and learning materials will be coming soon. Whether to improve your experience as a volunteer, or simply help you build knowledge on birds and bird conservation, Birds Canada Learn will have the tools for you.

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