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Revised 8 April, 2020

The 2020 Great Canadian Birdathon – May through December 

Any Time, Anywhere, Any Way ─ as long as you’re safe!


The Great Canadian Birdathon has always taken place in May – the traditional time for many of us to celebrate spring migration, but there is no need to be constrained by tradition! This year we are suggesting that your Birdathon can take place any time.

We’ve been hearing from many past participants who want to hold a Birdathon while being mindful of the serious nature of the COVID-19 threat. We hope Birdathon will allow you to take comfort in an activity you love, but we ask that you do so only following public health recommendations in your area – for now, this means doing your Birdathon from home if you wish to do it this spring, or postponing your Birdathon to a later date.

Participants that are planning their Birdathons have come up with wonderful ways to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors and helping bird conservation! Here are some ideas you could incorporate into your 2020 Birdathon plans:


  • Do your Birdathon from home and share your day through updates on social media.If you can, try live video to help your followers experience your Birdathon.


  • Fall migration holds appeal for many Birdathoners too, and why not?


  • “Big Sit” Birdathon – how many birds can you see from one spot in a day?


  • Winter Birdathon. Even a Christmas Birdathon!


Whichever time, location, and method you choose please keep your health and the health of those around you top of mind. And remember to register at  We will of course also adjust the timing of our Birdathon participant prize draws this year to ensure all participants are included.

We’d love to hear how you are choosing to Birdathon this year. Please share your ideas with us by using the hashtag #GreatCanadianBirdathon on social media or by emailing


Photo: David Bradley
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