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Sora Photo: John Conkin

Welcome to MarshWatch!

MarshWatch is a new pilot program focused on wetland birds and amphibians for beginners.

Virtual webinars along with self-guided activities slowly build your identification skills without getting overwhelmed. The ultimate goal is to give you the skills to confidently submit a checklist of birds from a visit to a wetland of your choosing.

Live webinars take place every Wednesday evening, starting May 10 and run for 10 weeks, ending July 12. We encourage you to visit a wetland each week – there really is no better way to learn than to be out with the birds!

May 10 – The Wonder of Wetlands [recording available]

May 17 – Basics of Bird ID – ID Session 1 [recording available]

May 24 – ID Session 2  [recording available]

May 31 – ID Session 3 [upcoming]

June 7 – ID Session 4

June 14 – ID Session 5

June 21 – ID Session 6

June 28 – ID Session 7

July 5 – Review Session

July 12 – Program Wrap-up

Register for the webinars here

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Test your knowledge

ID Session 1 Quiz

ID Session 2 Quiz

Resources (coming soon)

Datasheets, ID help

Events Calendar

Presentations, webinars, in-person events and more

MarshWatch acts a stepping stone for the Marsh Monitoring Program, a citizen science program returning to prairie Canada in 2024, by teaching the necessary identification skills without the pressure of a formal survey.

We hope you join us!

In case you missed it live, you can watch past webinars below:

Be sure to check out the Bird Identification for Beginners webinar!

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