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eBird Canada

eBird Canada is a free program that allows you to keep track of all the birds you find, provides an opportunity to contribute as a Citizen Scientist, and is a great place to start exploring the world of birds around you.

To date almost 75,000 birders in Canada have submitted over 8 million complete checklists totaling 684 bird species!

eBird Canada is managed by Birds Canada and is a collaborative project between The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and QuébecOiseaux. eBird Canada features a regional portal of eBird that provides content and articles relevant to Canadian birders in both English and French. Users can explore photos, audio recordings and rare birds reported in Canada, and will also find a unique survey protocol designed for Canadian Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas.

The free eBird app can be downloaded for both IOS and Android devices. Be sure to select eBird Canada as your default portal so that you have access to any Canadian specific survey protocols.

Getting involved is easy. Just visit for more information. You can get in touch with us directly on eBird related matters in Canada at


Photo: Berry Peyton

Link to Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.

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