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Breeding Bird Survey

Photo: Catherine Dale

The North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is the primary source of long-term bird population trends across the continent. It keeps scientists and wildlife managers informed of significant changes in breeding bird populations. Through this valuable program, volunteers have been tracking bird population trends across the continent for 50 years.

You can help birds by getting involved! Skilled observers are needed to survey pre-determined BBS routes one day per year (between May 28 and July 7). You must be able to confidently identify all birds along your route by sight and sound, and survey your route for several consecutive years. Click here to view available BBS routes.

Wilson’s Warbler Photo: Marc Johnson
Chesnut-sided Warbler Photo: Marc Johnson

For more information visit, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s BBS website.

The BBS is jointly coordinated by Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Patuxent Wildlife Research Centre. Birds Canada provides provincial coordination in Ontario.

To sign up for an Ontario BBS route, contact:

Natasha Barlow
Ontario BBS Coordinator
nbarlow AT

For other regions in Canada, visit the BBS website or contact:

National BBS Office
Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service
National Wildlife Research Centre

White-winged Crossbill Photo: Marc Johnson
Magnolia Warbler Photo: Marc Johnson