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Beached Bird Survey

There are many causes of seabird mortality, including oil spills, habitat loss, entanglement in fishing gear (bycatch), predation, and climate change. Oil pollution poses a great threat to pelagic seabirds and coastal waterbirds, because just a small amount of oil can degrade the insulating and waterproofing properties of feathers.

Information collected by Beached Bird Survey volunteers helps scientists determine which seabird species are most affected by oiling, what time of year the problem is most severe, and whether the proportion of oiled birds washing up on beaches is changing over time. The information is also used to identify which species are vulnerable to other events, such as low food supply or bycatch, and to understand local patterns in seabird mortality.

For information and to get involved in British Columbia contact:

Graham Sorenson
BC Projects Coordinator

For information and to get involved in Québec contact:

Andrew Coughlan
Director, Québec

(Photo: Graham Sorenson)